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We believe that it’s our responsibility to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment. This is why we’ve made it a priority to operate in a cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable way – every day.

Our Goals

1. Increase Energy Efficiency

ProLogix is a highly efficient business. We’re applying our continuous improvement philosophy that enabled these efficiencies to how we use energy – making our operating facilities, trucking operations and every other aspect of our business more energy efficient.

Here are just a few steps we’re taking:

  • Consolidation of operating facilities to reduce space and energy consumption
  • Improved roofing insulation to reduce energy loss
  • T-8 lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • Computerized vehicle routing and right-sizing to eliminate
  • vehicles, distance traveled and fuel consumed

2. Reduce Waste

As we work towards reducing the amount of waste we produce, we are also creating new diversion programs to divert waste from landfill sites.

Here are some of our current practices and initiatives:

  • 100% of returned paper based products are recycled or reused
  • All cardboard packaging is recycled
  • Plastic film recovery program
  • All operating waste is subject to a separation program that increases diversion and recycling rates while reducing waste hauling costs
  • Diesel engine particulate filters to reduce particulate emissions
  • We are focusing on programs to eliminate waste before it happens, such as the reduction of packaging materials through order assembly reengineering and reusable shipping container programs

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