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At ProLogix, we have built our business one customer at a time by employing 4 key principles:

  • Innovating Logistics Solutions.
    We have a deep understanding of the power of positive change and have an unyielding drive towards developing and implementing ideas that have a significant and positive impact on the work that we do.

  • Expanding Our Business.
    We pursue profitable growth by seeking out business opportunities that yield compounded benefits. We believe that capitalizing on unrealized synergies will lead to lasting and rewarding partnerships.

  • Simplifying Everything We Do.
    We know that the simplest approach is the key to economies and quality. We are relentless in our pursuit of simplicity and we leverage our GOPRO methodology throughout every corner of the company to capture and implement improvement initiatives.

  • Employing The Best People.
    The success of our strategy is a result of the quality and effort of people at every level of the organization. That’s why we have a well articulated human resources strategy which, simply stated, is to hire the best, and offer continuous training, challenges and opportunities to ensure they remain engaged. Because of our strong belief that our success is ultimately derived from the skills and experience of our people, we provide an environment that supports their growth. We firmly believe that by hiring the best people and giving them what they need to succeed, we create a stronger company.

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